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My own data-cloud

I’d love to share data with friends and family. But the free services from Dropbox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive do not satisfy my needs. In this post I’d like to document my steps through setup and configuration of my Owncloud. (more…)

Shu-Ha-Ri, estimate like never before

This week I want to talk about Shu-Ha-Ri and it’s meaning in my everyday life. In this post I won’t go into details about the way you learn new techniques. The focus will be on the way of thinking. To illustrate my point I will talk about a recent experience with a customer.


Eclipse Che and Neon are like potatos and apple juice

Also this week Eclipse Che will be topic of my blog. Last week I’ve talked about how you setup Eclipse Che. For my client presentation preparations I’ll compare Che and Neon in this post. (more…)

How you setup Eclipse Che on Windows/Linux

This week I want to share with you my experiences with the Eclipse Che setup and the problems I had during the installation on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). (more…)

First experiences with remote-gaming by using Steam and Steam Link

This week I want to write about remote-gaming or inhouse-streaming because I’ve invested some time in this topic over the last weeks. In this post I’ll describe my expectations and difficulties I’ve experienced during the setup. (more…)

Welcome to my blog!


my name is Marcel Hodan. I would like to introduce my self and the following content before the first post will be published. (more…)