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my name is Marcel Hodan. I would like to introduce my self and the following content before the first post will be published.After I finished my education as industrial clerk I wanted to change the field of work to IT. First I wanted to study informatics because of my affection to video games but I decided otherwise. Business informatics was my field of choice. This way I could still use my knowledge and expierience as industrial clerk. In hindsight I have to say this selection criterion was naive. I work in Berlin as Software Application Consultant with specialization on agile, at the moment.

This blog will capture my experiences and observations with information technology and agile software development. My goal is to increase my knowledge, help other people to learn from these posts or get new perspectives out of it. I’m constantly in touch with agile software development through my job. And because of my (private) pet projects I’ve got some contact points with technology in different areas. These projects and the related learning effect will be published in my posts. Depending on the topic, insight or questions I’ll be going more into details. As soon as I come accross something interesting (and shareable) in my line of work this blog will used to talk about it.

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