Remote access to my Media Center via Owncloud

In my last post I wrote about my own data-cloud. After several weeks of usage I found some aspects I’d like to combine. Before I had to travel a lot for work I used to watch movies and TV shows with my wife every evening. Because of the distance this is no longer possible, because we both are no longer at home during the week.

Now I’d like to stream my data via Owncloud instead of existing data access. Sadly the internet connection of my hotel and her appartment is not suitable for Blu-Ray quality and size. Because of that I want to convert my existing files before streaming. At the moment all my media are .mkv files which are not supported by the Owncloud internal player (see Server Enhancement Request). That’s why I won’t just reduce the file size and quality but also switch containers from .mkv to a Owncloud Player compatible format.

In the process I don’t want to reduce my current (high quality) media so I have to create duplicates instead. Those shall be deleted after a certain time, like 30 days. Otherwise I’ll run into space problems on my NAS.

This procedure I want to pursue:

Next to my orginal files, which are accessable via Samba-Shares at my Owncloud instance, I will create one additional share. This new share will contain all converted files. I could continue to share my high quality files, but after this process I don’t see the point. Because neither the file size nor the format are suitable for sharing.

For the first prototyp I will convert the files manually with Handbrake and store them at the new location. I already thought of a way to automate this process. The first lines of code and concepts already exists. But at the moment they are not worth to talk about, because I want to evaluate some technologies I used only separatly. Now I want to combine them. In my next post I will reveil more.

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