customize Gnome shortcuts for Eclipse user

A couple of weeks ago I switch to the latest Ubuntu LTS to work on my current projects:

away from Windows 10 towards Ubuntu 18.04.

When I finished setting up my eclipse installation and adjusted my usual preferences something odd came accross when I started coding:

My Eclipse shortcuts did not behave like before 
in Ubuntu 18.04!!!

To describe to unusual behavior, I wasn’t able to:

  • update my Maven-Projects via shortcut  (<ALT>+F5)
  • duplicate a line of code (<CTRL>+<ALT>+Arrow up) o(<CTRL>+<ALT>+Arrow down)

Thankfully the Ubuntu-Community (link: Askubuntu) already solved my issue. The software used to bring the shortcuts back on track is called dconf-editor. You can find detailed information about Keybindings within the Ubuntu Wiki.

To install dconf-editor just use the following lines:

After the installation you can open the editor with dconf-editor in the terminal. And when you use the integrated search-field you find your way to the desired entries.


For example the Gnome-shortcut (<ALT>+F5) did not Update Project… like before but instead unmaximized the current window.

gewünschte Aktion

I found the related entry in dconf-editor in the integrated search-field via the search criteria ‘maximize’. The corresponding entry was called unmaximize and could be found under the path /org/gnome/desktop/wm/keybindings.

When you click onto the entry a popup with different details information will open. At the bottom you’ll find a section with default/custom values. When you deactivate the switch Use default value you’ll be able to customize the given entries..
In my case I removed the '<Alt>F5' entry within the comma separated list. After I accepted the confirmation (bottom of the popub) or just close the popup the changes applied.

You can bookmark this location to find that (or other) entry faster next time, you’ll want to change this behavior. 


If you want to change other behaviors just find the related entry via the search-field! In my case I also wanted to change the behavior of '<CTRL>+<Alt>+Arrow up' because it switched to another Gnome workspace instead of duplicate my line(s) of code.

  • duplicate line(s) of code (<CTRL>+<ALT>+Arrow up) or (<CTRL>+<ALT>+Arrow down)

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